Young Frank Goolz: Spectral Nights 84 - Part#1

In 1984, Frank Goolz was 13 year old, and already weird as a blue carrot.  That summer, like every summer since ever, he was sent to his aunt Patricia "Trish" Baroness of Goolz, in rural France. Only that summer, not like every other summer, he saw his very first ghost. Solved a 40-year-old murder mystery. Escaped death a couple times.
Broke his arm.
Learned that dead things don't always rest.
Oh, and... Fell madly in love with Nathalie, who would become his wife and the mother of his daughters many many years later.

* * *
Patricia "Trish" Baroness of Goolz was an eccentric middle-aged woman, the last of the French Goolz, and many times odder then the rest of her American cousins. After her father died, she inherited the amazing Château de Goolz, a medieval fortified Castle smack in the middle of France. She was terribly independent, strong minded and free spirited. Yet, she was warm and motherly and turned the château into a horse riding summer camp that w…

Suzie's Stories: The Boogeyman Box (Finale)

In Part#1: A mysterious old safe covered in strange esoteric writings is being delivered at the Goolz's Park Slope townhouse. Frank Goolz leaves Suzie alone to go buy some tools to break it open. He instructs her to stay away from it as it may be dangerous. Unfortunately (luckily?), Suzie finds an old key hidden in a secret compartment of the safe. She unlocks it to see what sort of monster hides inside. (Go to Part#1)
*  * *
"Oops." Suzie said, recovering from the blow.  The very moment she removed the old padlock, the door punched her to the floor. She looked up just in time to see something fast, brown and fury jump out of the safe, like an extra eager jack-in-the-box. First, she thought it was a mad old dusty monkey. But then, she sat up and saw the thing crawl under the office dresser.  "This no monkey," she said, looking over her shoulder at the door and pondering her chance to escape before that thing attacked. She dashed for it. The thing under the dre…

Frank Goolz's Strange Artifacts: The Inter-dimensional Lamp of Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes (17 June 1832 – 4 April 1919) was a famous British scientist and a chemical pioneer.

Late in his life, he became fascinated with mediums and the popular esoteric movement of his time. He started inventing strange artifacts, like the Inter-dimensional Lamp, currently owned by Frank Goolz.

The lamp was initially designed to punch a hole in the visual fabric of our reality and illuminate a world beyond death. In other words, the lamp was created to light-up and see ghosts.

The lamp turned out to do something entirely different. According to Frank Goolz, it is not just a tool to see spiritual beings secretly roaming in our environment, but a electromagnetic key opening gateways between different realities.

Through his many activations of the lamp, Mister Goolz has concluded that it would only work if a person from another dimension activates it in perfect synchronicity. He asserts that he has found a dimension with another version of himself also owning the Inter-dime…

Ilona Goolz's Diary: Doctor Ivanovic's Zombie Farm (part#2)

In part#1: Frank Goolz and his daughters arrive at the abandoned Hospital of Doctor Ivanovic. Lost in the African plains of South East Liberia., the hospital used to be known as the Zombie Farm before all the nurses, doctors and patients disappeared overnight a decade earlier. (Go to Part#1)

*  * * "Did you ever meet a real zombie?" Suzie used her tee-shirt to wipe the sweat off her face.
"Sure," Dad said, wiping his own face with his shirt sleeve.
I stepped inside the hall of the abandoned hospital, hoping that the shadow in there could save us from the unbearable heat. Pale high grass and reddish dirt had reclaimed most of the hall. Half of the ceiling had collapsed eons ago. "There are many different types of Zombies." Dad lifted a thick electrical cable and we walked under it. "You have your perfectly alive zombies, normal people who have been chemically or psychologically turned into slaves through mind control. And you have the other type.&quo…

In a bookstore near you soon: A Bad Night for Bullies, The Goolz Next Door Series, Book 1

For fans of Goosebumps and other young horror titles, here is the first book of The Goolz Next Door series. When horror novelist Frank Goolz and his daughters, Ilona and Suzie, move next door, twelve-year-old Harold is only hoping to make exciting new friends. But he soon learns that Frank's books are actually based on real-life paranormal adventures. Suddenly a gift from Ilona seems much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Could it be fulfilling his darkest wishes?

Twelve-year-old Harold Bell lives a pretty normal life in his little seaside town. He fills his days with reading books, cruising down the boardwalk, and--unfortunately--trying to stay off the radar of Alex Hewitt and his pack of goons who can't resist bullying a boy in a wheelchair. But everything changes when famous horror novelist Frank Goolz moves next door with his daughters--beautiful, fierce Ilona and her troublemaking little sister, Suzie. Harold soon learns that life with the Goolz is never …

Frank Goolz's Strange Artifacts: The Liberian Head

Though resembling the sculpted heads normally found on the Easter Island, the Liberian Head was found in Africa in 1964 inside an abandoned temple lost in the jungle, 100 miles north of Moravia, Liberia.

What civilization built the temple, and when, remain unknown to this day.

The Liberian Head is fundamentally different from the ones found in the South Pacific, as it is not made of stone but organic matter. Early X-rays and more recent CT-scans have shown that it is anatomically and organically consistent with the head of a living anthropomorphic being that was mummified shortly after its decapitation.

One of the more bizarre features of the head is that its metabolism remains active. Its tissues radiate some heat and its dried muscles produce spontaneous movements.

A electroencephalogram conducted by Professor Bestirring of the University of Copenhagen in 1993, showed that the mummified brain inside the skull emit an electromagnetic field similar to the one of a human being in a de…

Suzie's Stories: The Boogeyman Box (Part#1)

Once upon a time, there was a large box, an old iron safe with a large old rusty padlock and all sorts of Greek, Latin and Aramaic words covering its door. "Suzie, don't touch that box while I'm away. It's dangerous, Pumpkin," Frank Goolz told his daughter after the deliverymen were done carrying it upstairs and into in his office. "Whatever is inside, it sure is heavy," one of the deliverymen said, huffing and puffing while stepping away from the odd safe. "Gold maybe," said the other one, his eyes shining suddenly. "It's not gold, I'm afraid," Frank Goolz said, walking them out of his office. "Though this box cost me a fortune." "As long as it's not a dead body inside," laughed one of the men as they walked downstairs and back to the wide open front door. "That would be interesting," Frank Goolz tipped each man with a generous wad of bank bills . "But what's inside tha…