Frank Goolz's Strange Artifacts: The Liberian Head

Though resembling the sculpted heads normally found on the Easter Island, the Liberian Head was found in Africa in 1964 inside an abandoned temple lost in the jungle, 100 miles north of Moravia, Liberia.

What civilization built the temple, and when, remain unknown to this day.

The Liberian Head is fundamentally different from the ones found in the South Pacific, as it is not made of stone but organic matter. Early X-rays and more recent CT-scans have shown that it is anatomically and organically consistent with the head of a living anthropomorphic being that was mummified shortly after its decapitation.

One of the more bizarre features of the head is that its metabolism remains active. Its tissues radiate some heat and its dried muscles produce spontaneous movements.

A electroencephalogram conducted by Professor Bestirring of the University of Copenhagen in 1993, showed that the mummified brain inside the skull emit an electromagnetic field similar to the one of a human being in a deep coma.

Frank Goolz purchased the Head in 2012 from a private collection.

In 2015, he published a story titled "The Beyond", fictionalizing his attempt at establishing contact with the mummified head. In the story, the narrator asks simple questions and the Head answers by blinking its eyes. The narrator concludes that the Liberian Head is conscious and extraterrestrial.

The narrator also remarks that all surrounding metallic objects, especially those containing gold or silver, are misshaped or bent whenever the head is most active.

Frank Goolz preserves the Liberian Head in a temperature and moisture controlled box. He regularly takes it out, spraying it with water and organic nutriments before conversing with it.


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