Frank Goolz's Strange Artifacts: The Stone of the Dead

Also known as " Stein der Toten", The Stone of the Dead was discovered in Germany in 1932, during the archeological exploration of the funeral chamber of a long forgotten Saxon warlord.

Made of an unknown and unusually solid type of orange clay, the Stone is hollow. It is composed of various ring-like circular sections covered with symbols and primitive representations of mythical creatures interacting with strangely deformed human beings.

The different sections can turn relative to one another and the Stone can be rearranged in about 10,000,000 different combinations.

All attempts at dating it precisely or identifying the origin of the strange clay have been inconclusive. Though,  traces of pollen from plants long extinct on its surface indicate that it could be more than 100,000 years old.

As for its purpose, it was initially thought to be used for fortune telling, very much like tarot cards.

Through the years, a series of tragic accidents, and the untimely and violent deaths of all of its owners have created a sinister aura around the the Stone. It is considered by many to be cursed.

Recently, the famous French paleo-linguist and archeologist Jacques Grumot, theorized that the Stone was used to open a door between the world of the dead and the living. He deducted from the symbols and their various possible combinations a secret language that would allow the user of the Stone to rise the dead from their graves and have them perform the most gruesome deeds.

Shortly after selling the Stone of the Dead to Frank Goolz, Jacques Grumot lost his mind and was committed to the Sainte-Anne Psychiatric Hospital in Paris. He killed himself by swallowing his own tongue.


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