Frank Goolz's Strange Artifacts: The Inter-dimensional Lamp of Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes (17 June 1832 – 4 April 1919) was a famous British scientist and a chemical pioneer.

Late in his life, he became fascinated with mediums and the popular esoteric movement of his time. He started inventing strange artifacts, like the Inter-dimensional Lamp, currently owned by Frank Goolz.

The lamp was initially designed to punch a hole in the visual fabric of our reality and illuminate a world beyond death. In other words, the lamp was created to light-up and see ghosts.

The lamp turned out to do something entirely different. According to Frank Goolz, it is not just a tool to see spiritual beings secretly roaming in our environment, but a electromagnetic key opening gateways between different realities.

Through his many activations of the lamp, Mister Goolz has concluded that it would only work if a person from another dimension activates it in perfect synchronicity. He asserts that he has found a dimension with another version of himself also owning the Inter-dimensional lamp and that they have synchronized their interaction with it.

In his novel The Horror Besides, he tells the story of a famous writer solving a horror mystery in another reality, by interacting with his other self  through the lamp.

He often tells his daughters that his other self, the other Frank Goolz from another dimension, seems more reasonable and way less absent-minded and forgetful than he is. Consequently, his alter-ego is more uptight, bossier and stricter with his version of them. Therefore, they should consider themselves lucky and not be so upset with him when, in this reality, he forgets their birthdays.


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