Ilona Goolz's Diary: Doctor Ivanovic's Zombie Farm (part#1)

"I thought you were not getting anywhere near voodoo anymore," I told dad.
"I don't", he said, smiling at me. Our bodies were bouncing up and down, sliding and bumping in all sort of directions as our driver zoomed on a dirt road across the plain.
Suzie turned around from the front seat. "I knew this trip wasn't just about hanging by the pool and watching giraffes."
I had been very suspicious too when Dad said we were going to a Safari in Africa. He wasn't the tourist type. Wherever we went, there was always an ulterior motive, like checking a haunted house or investigating a plausible vampire attack.
"But Zombies isn't your thing anymore, you said."
Dad shrugged. "Old habits die hard, Ilo."
The driver pointed at a large rundown wooden building in the far, like an abandoned farm rotting at the end of the road. "That's Doctor Ivanovic's hospital."
"Oh that perfectly gloomy," Suzie said as our driver slowed down.
The truck stopped at a safe distant. "I'm not going further," he nodded at the building. "This place is cursed, as I told you back at the hotel."
"No worries. We're very used to cursed places." Suzie unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door.
Dad grabbed his satchel. "Well, a little walk will be lovely after such a long bumpy ride. Right girls?"
We got out of the truck and made a few steps toward the farm. Dad stopped to take a good look at it.
"How long has it been abandoned?" I asked.
"Everybody disappeared 10 years ago. Nurses, Doctors, Patients, everybody," the driver said coming out of his truck. "Like something came and took them away."
"Did they ever find any of them?" Suzie asked. "I mean... The people who disappeared?"
"Just..." The driver wiped the sweat off his face. "parts of them."
Suzie nodded, processing his words coolly. She looked up at Dad. "You think there're still Zombies in there?"
"One can only hope." He took her hand and started walking toward the building.
"Those people are mad," I heard the driver say as he looked at us walking toward Doctor Ivanovic notorious Zombie farm.

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