Ilona Goolz's Diary: Doctor Ivanovic's Zombie Farm (part#2)

In part#1: Frank Goolz and his daughters arrive at the abandoned Hospital of Doctor Ivanovic. Lost in the African plains of South East Liberia., the hospital used to be known as the Zombie Farm before all the nurses, doctors and patients disappeared overnight a decade earlier. (Go to Part#1)

*  *
"Did you ever meet a real zombie?" Suzie used her tee-shirt to wipe the sweat off her face.
"Sure," Dad said, wiping his own face with his shirt sleeve.
I stepped inside the hall of the abandoned hospital, hoping that the shadow in there could save us from the unbearable heat. Pale high grass and reddish dirt had reclaimed most of the hall. Half of the ceiling had collapsed eons ago.
"There are many different types of Zombies." Dad lifted a thick electrical cable and we walked under it. "You have your perfectly alive zombies, normal people who have been chemically or psychologically turned into slaves through mind control. And you have the other type."
"The undead?" I suggested.
"Yeah. Dead decomposing bodies brought back to life and walking around snacking on human flesh." 
"You ever dealt with one of those?" I asked.
Dad opened his leather satchel to retrieve a flashlight. He switched it on and pointed it toward the darker areas of the corridor ahead of us. "Remember the Pitchu Mummy?"
"Oh yes, that old rotten thing!" Suzie recalled enthusiastically. "That was totally dead and totally walking."
"But the mummy was brought back to life by a curse," I said. "And it wasn't feeding on people. It was strangling them. Not sure it qualifies as a proper Zombie."
The Pitchu Mummy and its curse had terrorized the staff at the Santiago Archeological Museum until Dad dispatched it back to hell.
"People think there's only one way to be alive, with a beating heart and warm blood running through your veins. Though nature show us that many dead things can still move, grab, and eat if taken over by fungus or a parasite. Doctor Ivanovic was studying such parasites."
"A parasite outbreak sounds more like a proper Zombie story," Suzie said expertly.
 I pointed at the door at the end of the corridor. "Someone forgot to turn off the lights."
Dad switched off his flashlight. An intense beam of bright light was pouring all around the edge of the door."Interesting," he said, stepping over the junk spread all over the floor. He reached for the handle.
Suzie walked right beside him and leaned over, sticking her ear against the door. "Shouldn't we knock first and see if something is growling inside?" 
She knocked and he opened the door, not waiting for a reply.
I covered my nose with my arm. "Hell, it stinks!"
"At least no one is wasting electricity." Suzie covered her nose too.
Dad didn't cover his nose. Instead, he took a deep whiff of the ambient foul odor, like an avid stink expert analyzing the mix of putrid aroma. "Blood." he said. "And maybe the carcass of a rotting animal somewhere."
The intense light came from the sun shining through the collapsed roof. One of the walls was gone, giving a panoramic view over the plain. Lines of hospital beds were bent and twisted under the weight of  the fallen debris.
"This is definitely voodoo, right?" I approached one of the many strange artifacts hanging from the remaining metallic beans that used to support the roof. It was a Coke glass bottle decorated with pieces of rope and sticks to make it look like a human figure. It was caked with a thick brown layer of something.
"Dry blood," Dad said approaching another of these artifacts.
"Human Blood?" Suzie picked up a piece of metal from a dismantled bed and pushed one of the hanging doll. It swung gently in front of her.
Dad shrugged. "Could be."
"Who could have put all those dolls here?"  I asked and the sound of engines roaring in the the distance seemed to answer my question. We turned toward the missing wall. Three pick-up trucks were speeding toward us through the plain. The men inboard appeared to be dressed in uniforms. A huge machine gun was dangling on top of one of the vehicle.
"Could be them." Dad said coolly. "Definitely."
"Hey! He's abandoning us!" Suzie yelled pointing at our own truck. Our driver had turned it around and was speeding  away. One of the pick-up trucks broke from its group to chase it.
"Do you think our presence here could upset someone?" I asked Dad.
He opened his satchel, dropped the flashlight in it, retrieving a thick folded piece of blue document and his old revolver. "I suppose so," he gave me the document. "Luckily, we have this."
"What is it?" I unfolded it. It was a complex blueprint showing blocks of buildings on top of a network of lines, tubes and corridors.
"This shows that Doctor Ivanovic's hospital was mostly underground and secret."
I ran my finger over all the lines and tubes and corridors on the blue print. "You mean all this is underground?"
"Yes, and I suggest we go down there quick before we discover that those people," he nodded toward the pick-up trucks that were nearing at high speed. "are bad conversationalists. We're here." he tapped his finger on the blueprint. "Which means we're going there, where there's a secret hatch," he pointed at the wall across the room, past the collapsed roof. "And I suggest we do it fast."
"Agreed," Suzie was already running across the room, pushing the many voodoo artifacts out of her way and jumping over rubble and collapsed bed. "What do you think we will discover down there?"
"We will soon find out, pumpkin," Dad said, following her. "Doctor Ivanovic and his staff, I assume. Alive. Or dead. Or dead and walking." and he laughed.


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