Suzie's Stories: The Boogeyman Box (Finale)

In Part#1: A mysterious old safe covered in strange esoteric writings is being delivered at the Goolz's Park Slope townhouse. Frank Goolz leaves Suzie alone to go buy some tools to break it open. He instructs her to stay away from it as it may be dangerous. Unfortunately (luckily?), Suzie finds an old key hidden in a secret compartment of the safe. She unlocks it to see what sort of monster hides inside. (Go to Part#1)

*  *

"Oops." Suzie said, recovering from the blow. 
The very moment she removed the old padlock, the door punched her to the floor. She looked up just in time to see something fast, brown and fury jump out of the safe, like an extra eager jack-in-the-box.
First, she thought it was a mad old dusty monkey. But then, she sat up and saw the thing crawl under the office dresser. 
"This no monkey," she said, looking over her shoulder at the door and pondering her chance to escape before that thing attacked. She dashed for it. The thing under the dresser jumped at her in perfect synchronicity and kissed the door as she slammed it into its face.
She learned a few more things about the monster: it had hands. It had claws. It had a large mouth full of fangs. And it shrieked madly when it attacked. "Why don't you stay put in there until dad comes back." she told the door.
The handle started to turn instead.
"I hate it when monster have opposable thumbs!"
The door opened and the creature jumped out, blocking her way to the stairs. She ran in the other direction.
"I knew it was important to practice with that thing!" she said out loud, talking to an imaginary Ilona and sprinting toward the old kitchen lift at the end of the corridor. She had traveled inside it only a couple times before her older sister decided for everybody that playing with it was too dangerous.
She opened the sliding door. Luckily, the lift was still there from the last time she interacted with it. She climbed into the cab and pulled down the door as the monster was galloping after her, its sharp claws making a horrible CLICKETY-CLAK noise on the wooden floor. She learned a few more things about the creature: it was about three or four feet tall, had a hairless deformed humanoid face, with a really pale dead-like skin, a very large nose and angry enormous eyes, but it had the compact body of a fury animal, like a miniature bigfoot.
"Okay bye," she said, grabbing one of the two ropes running in front of the lift and pulling on the one that would bring her down to the kitchen. She was already out of reach when she heard the creature open the sliding door above her. She was nearly midway to the kitchen when the rope stopped moving. She had to let it go as the lift moved back-up.
"Oh poop, no," she said, grabbing back the rope and trying to resist the monster's effort to bring its dinner back up. She moved in the cramped space and leaned sideways to look up through the gap. she could see the deformed human face of the creature looking down at her. Its half opened mouth was drooling with a thick line of whitish saliva.
"Gross!" she shouted as she felt some monster spittle land on her hand.
She swung the rope and it slapped the creature right in its enormous bulbous left eye. It screamed and disappeared from the opening, letting go of the lift. 
Suzie resumed pulling and went down so fast she was in the kitchen in no time. She opened the sliding door and jumped out nanoseconds before the lift zoomed back up. "Tight," she said, standing up to look at the lift shoot up and disappear in the shadow. 
She heard the beast scream through the house when it discovered it had lost its meal. 
"Never mess with a Goolz!" She looked around the old fashioned kitchen as she heard the CLICKETY-CLACK of the creature running downstairs to get to her. 
Here is another thing Ilona didn't want me to play with, she thought, looking at the laundry chute. She shook her head, realizing that her sister made her so unprepared for a monster attack in the name of safety. And then, she ran toward the opening of the chute and jumped head first through it just as the monster rushed in the kitchen.
The fall was short and fun and the landing more or less okay, since the laundry trolley in the basement was half full with dirty bed sheets and semi-wet soft towels. 
She sprang out of the trolley feeling a little sore on the shoulder she had used to land. She pushed-kicked it away and a spontaneous plan to make things right popped in her head. She pulled her father old rusty traveling metal trunk right under the end of the chute. She had no time to remove any of her dad's artifacts before the monster zeroed down after her and landed painfully in the trunk. It shrieked in pain, and looked up groggily to assess the situation.
Suzie winked at it, "Gotcha."
She slammed the trunk top on its head, knocking it good. She engaged and clicked in place the two side locks and sat on top of the trunk. It took sometime for the monster to recover from the blow and start trashing inside the trunk, making tons of noise, moving around the precious, probably fragile, strange paranormal objects that it contained.
"That was fun." Suzie looked around, searching for the padlock that her father always used on the central lock whenever they traveled with the trunk.

* *
When her dad came back from the hardware store, Suzie was sitting on the landing on the top of the stairs, exactly where she was when he left. He came upstairs carrying an heavy bag of tools in one hand and a brand new crowbar in the other. 
"Everything's fine, Pumpkin?" he asked passing by.
"Yeah, sure," she shrugged. 
She staid there as he went into his office. She heard him drop the bag of tools. She turned around as he came out.
She searched her pocket and showed him the key for his trunk padlock. "Would you be less upset if I told you I locked a really dangerous monster in your trunk in the basement after a fairly awesome confrontation with it?"
He came to her and took the key. He probably knew he needed to scold her but scolding his daughters wasn't his thing. "My girl," he said, leaning and landing a kiss on top of her head. There. That was her punishment. He started walking down. 
"Dad?" she asked, standing up. 
He stopped mid-stairs and turned around. 
"You should take your crowbar, and maybe a hammer," she nodded toward his office where he had left his new tools. "It's really a feisty creature."
A muffled roar coming from the basement echoed through the house as if the monster had heard that. 
"I know someone feistier," he said and landed another kiss on her head as he passed her on his way back to his office to tool up.


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