Suzie's Stories: The Boogeyman Box (Part#1)

Once upon a time, there was a large box, an old iron safe with a large old rusty padlock and all sorts of Greek, Latin and Aramaic words covering its door.
"Suzie, don't touch that box while I'm away. It's dangerous, Pumpkin," Frank Goolz told his daughter after the deliverymen were done carrying it upstairs and into in his office.
"Whatever is inside, it sure is heavy," one of the deliverymen said, huffing and puffing while stepping away from the odd safe.
"Gold maybe," said the other one, his eyes shining suddenly.
"It's not gold, I'm afraid," Frank Goolz said, walking them out of his office. "Though this box cost me a fortune."
"As long as it's not a dead body inside," laughed one of the men as they walked downstairs and back to the wide open front door.
"That would be interesting," Frank Goolz tipped each man with a generous wad of bank bills . "But what's inside that safe is definitely not dead. Well, I surely hope!" And he laughed
He put on his black coat and turned to Suzie who was observing them from the landing upstairs. "I'm just going around the corner to go buy some tools to open that safe. I'll be a minute."
She nodded.
"And Suzie," he said as he was about to close the door of their townhouse. "Stay away from the box. Until I'm back. Right?"
She nodded.
She counted until 10 after he was gone and went into Ilona's room where she could get a good view on the street and a part of Prospect Park. She saw her dad turn around the corner at the end of their street. She counted until 10 again before running back into his office. 
Don't touch. Stay away. Gold. Dead body. That was way enough code words for Suzie to blow it open with dynamite and see what fun slept inside. 
"It's just you and me in the house," she told the box, and knelt right in front of it. She knocked on the door three times. "I bet there's a monster in there," she said out loud to invite whatever was inside to react. "Don't be shy. Make a noise." 
She took the padlock in her hand. It was real heavy and very rusty. "Whoever put you in there," she said to the imagined monster inside the box, "didn't want you to get out." She pulled it. "I hate to say this, monster in the box, but I believe we have to wait for Dad before we set you free."
CLICK! Said the box, totally disagreeing with her.
Suzie stood up. A secret compartment, invisible a second ago, had opened on the top of the safe. "You seriously want to get out, huh?" She told the box, reaching for what was hiding inside the tiny compartment. She grabbed an old key. She looked at the padlock. 
"Box. One part of me want to do the right thing and wait for dad. But the other stronger part of me is going to open that box."
She inserted the key in the padlock. It fitted perfectly. "We're just one turn away from discovering what's inside you. Are you excited? I'm excited."
She stopped for a nanosecond. 
"Do you think Dad could buy a really dangerous monster in a box and bring it home too?" She asked the box. "He totally would do that, actually," she said and turned the key.

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