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Young Frank Goolz: Spectral Nights 84 - Part#1

In 1984, Frank Goolz was 13 year old, and already weird as a blue carrot.  That summer, like every summer since ever, he was sent to his aunt Patricia "Trish" Baroness of Goolz, in rural France. Only that summer, not like every other summer, he saw his very first ghost. Solved a 40-year-old murder mystery. Escaped death a couple times.
Broke his arm.
Learned that dead things don't always rest.
Oh, and... Fell madly in love with Nathalie, who would become his wife and the mother of his daughters many many years later.

* * *
Patricia "Trish" Baroness of Goolz was an eccentric middle-aged woman, the last of the French Goolz, and many times odder then the rest of her American cousins. After her father died, she inherited the amazing Château de Goolz, a medieval fortified Castle smack in the middle of France. She was terribly independent, strong minded and free spirited. Yet, she was warm and motherly and turned the château into a horse riding summer camp that w…